When shipping cheese products April through October, States that do not border Wisconsin will need to be shipped either 2nd Day Air or Next Day Air in the hot weather. If you choose to ship ground we can not guarantee ground shipments for any states that do not border Wisconsin.

States that do border Wisconsin can go ground.

Please give us a call with any questions about the shipping, if you can go ground or not, or any other questions you may have on the shipping.

During the months of April through October our main shipping days are Monday and Tuesday. Depending on which state it is shipped too, we will determine which day it will be shipped out.

We do not ship Chocolates, Cheese Curds, String cheese, Limburger or Limburger like Cheese April through October.

Any questions please call 800-236-3734.

More information can be found in Shipping Details.

We can not be held responsible for any packages that may arrive late because of any conditions that are beyond Our control.

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